Wildcats enter phase II of their Autism Sensory Equipment Fundraising – Awareness campaign


Media Update

Release date: Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Wildcats enter phase II of their Autism Sensory Equipment Fundraising – Awareness campaign

ELLIOT LAKE, Ont. — Commencing June 1st, 2016, members of The Elliot Lake Wildcats Fundraising Committee will be going door to door in the community; promoting Autism Awareness and seeking donations in support of our Autism Sensory Equipment fund.

It is our objective to visit every home in the community and even a small amount of change can make a big difference.

Our goal is to raise $15.000.00 and all funds raised will be used in our community to support families with autistic children.

Children with Autism are not different; they are like pieces of a puzzle; unique and beautiful, deserving of our love, understanding and compassion.

Please support our cause, and help promote Autism Awareness.  Online donations may be directed to: autismfundraiser.elwildcats2016@gmail.com

What is Autism – a Parent’s Perspective

What is autism really? …I have learned over time that it is a reset button for life. To make us appreciate today and the importance of caring for those who need more help…Children and adults with autism many times teach us what true love is…what true compassion is….what the real truth of the human experience is…that truth is about learning to fully alive today…loving all today…and helping all today…tomorrow is important…..but today is where Life and happiness for a family exists.

What families with autistic members need from their community understands that their life circumstances may be difficult and traumatic in some cases. But no matter how they appear to be, each and every child or person with autism has incredible gifts to teach us all if we take the time to talk to them, to listen to them and help care for them if we can. At the very least understand that a person with autism is an incredibly special member of their family who need the same love and understanding as everyone else. They tend to teach us more about life and ourselves than we can ever teach them if we truly listen and learn to love them as they are….that is what autism is to me   (Authored by Luc Cyr)