Update on Centennial Arena repairs


Media Update

Release date: Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Update on Centennial Arena repairs

ELLIOT LAKE – On February 25 the Elliot Lake Wildcats were notified by City Officials that damage to structural elements of Centennial Arena had been identified and that the arena would be closed until repairs were completed to ensure public safety.

The necessary repairs were completed on Sunday, Feb. 27 and were subsequently reviewed and approved by a qualified structural engineer.

The arena was reopened to the public and the Wildcats on Monday, Feb. 28.

In effecting the repairs, two support pillars had to be installed.

The location of these pillars was determined using two criteria.

First, the pillars had to be located in areas approved by the structural engineer to ensure safety was maintained.

Secondly, the pillars were positioned in a manner to minimize the negative impact upon arena operations and spectator experience.

Despite the best efforts of all involved the City has advised the Wildcats hockey club that a section of bleachers must remain closed to use.

In order to comply with the Building Code and Fire Safety Regulations for a publicly occupied building there has to be a minimum of two unobstructed exit points from the seating areas.

The installations of the support pillars have obstructed one exit route from this seating area, and therefore the area no longer meets the regulatory requirements.

Accordingly, this section of the bleachers has been closed, and will remain closed for the remainder of the season.

The Wildcat Organization apologizes for any inconvenience this may cause to our visitors, fans, and Season Ticket Holders.

The arena is open most weekdays (afternoon and early evenings) and fans are encouraged to come down to the arena to inspect the repairs, and seek out alternative seating prior to Friday night’s big game against the Cochrane Crunch.

The Wildcat Organization would like to commend Arena Staff for identifying the problem and City Staff for taking prompt action to affect temporary repairs, thus allowing us to complete our season in our own arena, surrounded by the best fans in the NOJHL.

Get ready to cozy up fans, playoffs are just around the corner and your Wildcats are on track for another record season.

Go Cats Go.

Howard Hennessey
Team President
Elliot Lake Wildcats