CTV Northern Ontario News Visits Elliot Lake

The Elliot Lake Wildcats were given the amazing opportunity to speak with sports reporter and anchor for CTV Northern Ontario News Lee Boyadjian today. 

It was Boyadjian’s first time visiting Elliot Lake and after her time here, she left seeing how passionate the community is about junior hockey. 

Boyadjian first spoke with Rick Hamilton who was a big player in keeping a team in Elliot Lake. Next, General Manager Todd Stencill stepped in front of the camera to discuss his role in the new team and what has been accomplished in the short couple of months we had to put a team on the ice come September. Boyadjian then spoke with Head Coach Nathan Hewitt about putting together a competitive hockey team that the community can get behind. Finally, two of the Wildcats players, David Chiarelli and Jason Wilson, spoke about their experience so far in Elliot Lake and what it’s like to be a Wildcat. 

We want to thank Lee Boyadjian from CTV Northern Ontario News for coming to Elliot Lake to do a story on the Wildcats. 

The news story is expected to air tomorrow- Friday, October 19th around 6:45 pm on CTV Northern Ontario News. 

*UPDATE- link to video: http://www.ctvnews.ca/video?clipId=445764