Elliot Lake Wildcats Unveil Logo

Jr. A Hockey is back in Elliot Lake and along with that comes a new logo and team colours.

The new team logo and team colours were unveiled at a public unveiling ceremony that took place yesterday (Wednesday, July 17th, 2014) at the Lester B. Pearson Civic Centre. Fans were encouraged to come down to get a first look at what their new team would be wearing on the ice this upcoming season.

When the designs were unveiled, it was revealed that our team would be sporting green and white on the ice along with our fierce Wildcat logo displayed on the front and both shoulders of the new jerseys. The designed were put together by Kevin Doherty from Jersey 53 after receiving direction from the Wildcats’ board of directors.

Many dedicated Elliot Lake hockey fans will notice that the green and white used in the new jerseys is reminiscent of the colours that were once worn by our Vikings- a Jr. A Hockey team that played in Elliot Lake during the 70s and 80s.

The Wildcat logo; however, is new and came about after much discussion and feedback from fans and community members. After it was announced that our Jr. A. team would be leaving the community, a Facebook page called “Save Jr. A Hockey in Elliot Lake” was put together where fans were able to have a voice and forum for letting our City and Council know why we should keep Jr. A Hockey in Elliot Lake.

The biggest concern that was brought forward when it came to a new team name was that we currently have a minor hockey rep. team known as “The Jr. Bobcats” and if we are going to get a new name, we need to make sure it is still somehow tied to the bobcats.

It was one member on the Facebook page that suggested that we look at a name that shows the transition from bobcat to something bigger and better. A few names were thrown around- one of them being the Wildcats.

All the suggestions were brought forward to the board of directors and it was there that it was decided that our new team would now officially be known as the Elliot Lake Wildcats. As you’ll see from our logo, the Wildcats are fierce- something our team will strive to be as we enter the 2014/2015 season. Much like our community members when it came to saving Jr. A Hockey, the Wildcats are also determined- much like a wildcat in nature when trying to capture its prey.

Like with everything, it is often hard to embrace something new and unknown; however, the response to our new logo has been great. While we do have a new team name and logo, there is also that touch of nostalgia with having the Viking-esque colours which makes the change easier to embrace. Also, as the old team name became more familiar with the fans, “The Bobcats” was oftentimes shortened downed to “The ‘Cats” which can still be used today with the Wildcats.

The new jerseys and logo represent a fresh start to Jr. A Hockey in Elliot Lake. Lucky for us, we aren’t starting completely new- we still have our core group of fans and community members who have been behind us from the beginning and will continue to support and drive Jr. A Hockey forward for years to come.